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Receive hands on training from a professional with over 8+ years in the business working Grammy winning producers and songwriters.

3 hour block session @ $30 per seat
12 seat maximum capacity
All ages welcome


Overview of Mixing Music

  • History of Mixing / Basic principles and ideas

Setting up the mix

  • Importance of Metering
  • Importance of Gain Staging
  • Mixing Levels

Equalization Techniques

  • EQ Parameters
  • EQ Types
  • Plug-in vs. Analog Hardware EQ
  • Creative Equalization Techniques

Delays & Reverb

  • Delay and reverb fundamentals
  • Reverbs: Parameters, Chamber, Spring, Plate, Halls, and Room
  • Delays: Parameters, Tape, Ping Pong, and ADT

Dynamics Processing Part 1

  • Compression Controls and Functionality
  • Compressor Types, Demonstrations, and Comparisons
  • Solid State, Tube, FET, JFET, Optical Sensors, Vari-MU
  • Classic Analog Compressors

Dynamics Processing Part 2

  • Limiting and Loudness Maximization
  • Noise Gating and Expansion
  • Use of Side-Chains, Keying, and Ducking Effects
  • De-essing, Multi-Band Compression, and Limiting

Miscellaneous Unusual FX and Secret Techniques

  • Chorusing, Flanging, Phasing, Tremolo, Leslie Cabinet
  • Distortion, Soundfield Processing, Amp Simulation
  • Reverse Reverb, Reverse Delays, Backwards Compression
  • Sub-Harmonic Enhancement and Low Frequency Extension

Drum Mixing Techniques

  • Drum Equalization, Compression, Gating, Editing, Leveling, and Grouping
  • Mixing MIDI Drums versus Acoustic Drums
  • Drum Sound Replacement and Samples
  • Drum Timing Correction

Vocal Mixing Techniques

  • Preparing Vocals for the Mix: Vocal Editing
  • Vocal EQ, Dynamic, Gain-Setting, Leveling
  • FX Processing
  • Vocal Tuning and Time Correcting

Automation Techniques

  • Automated Mixing Overview
  • VCA, Moving or Flying Faders, and Total Recall: From Analog to DAW
  • Analog vs. Digital, Console vs. DAW

Specialized Mix Directions and Techniques Overview 

  • Mixing Pop Overview
  • Mixing Rock Overview
  • Mixing Hip Hop and R’n’B Overview
  • Mixing Jazz Overview